About me

Hi, I’m Sandra

As Certified Facilitator & Coach for The Work of Byron Katie I offer doing The Work on any kind of stress, both in single sessions as well as throughout longer periods of time. I look forward to meeting you either in person or in Skype.
I have worked for Katie in three Schools for the Work and in two Silent Retreats gaining experience in her way of working and dealing with people and situations, also backstage. I am the translator of her latest book.

Certified Facilitator & Coach for The Work
Dipl. Exp. Economist, Foreign Language Secretary, Desktop-Publisher, Photographer
Friend, Mama

We take care of and clean our bodies regularly.
But inside of us a lot comes together in our everyday lives.
What are we going to do with that?

For me »The Work« is taking care of myself from the inside out,
a sort of mental hygiene and neutralization of negative thoughts.
It changes the thinking in a completely natural way and helps discover new ways.


As Certified Facilitator for »The Work« of Byron Katie I agree to:

know that each person who comes to me is wise, and will find their own answers, the ones that are true for them.

listen authentically to the thoughts, vulnerability, and self-awareness of my client and of myself.

bring my client and myself back to the specific situation and one-liner any time they (or I) wander away from the questions; and to remind us that The Work stops working any time they (or I) move into “because,” “but,” justification, defense, or other topics.

refrain from interfering with my client’s Work by teaching, pushing, or moving away from the four questions and turnarounds through advice or therapy.

work with my own thoughts and Judge-Your-Neighbor Worksheets whenever I possibly can, by myself and/or with a facilitator.

serve myself by sharing The Work with others.



The English language has always been »the language of my heart«.
In 2014, after a few years of not speaking English at all, I attended an English seminar in utter naturalness,
I realized that I was no longer fluent in my beloved language.
And what was worse I didn’t have the words for basic expressions anymore.

So I decided to read an English book to get back into the English speaking world and to refresh my memory.
It was nothing but coincidence that I found »Loving what is« of Byron Katie.
My first impression was »Ok« followed by: »What a superficial stuff… four questions… what…??«
A friend recommended me to browse Katie’s videos on YouTube.
The first video I found was a direct hit.

This video showed me that the impact of »The Work« can have a tremendous effect on my life.
I immediately knew: I wanted to learn how to do and apply »The Work« and I wanted to be taught by Byron Katie directly,
in the »School for The Work«. At the next possible date.

Despite my fear of flight I bought a ticket to Los Angeles and
faced this fear at the same time.
The most important thing for me was to learn the »The Work« from Byron Katie in person.

This was the beginning of an exciting and clarifying journey to myself, filled with love to myself and others.


Trainer at the institute for »The Work« of Byron Katie

Certified Facilitator for »The Work« of Byron Katie

Translator of the book »A Mind at Home with Itself« of Byron Katie

Event photography on Byron Katie events

Certified Facilitator & Coach for »The Work« in USA and Switzerland

Marketing, sales, documentation, order processing & right hand of the managing director
iNFORM Technology GmbH (Start-up)

(part-time education)

Design agency

(nebenberufliche Weiterbildung)

Director of the marketing services department
primion Technology AG

Dipl. Exp. Economist
(part-time studies)

Order processing & exportation
primion Technology AG

Son Robin

Order processing & exportation
L.H. Lorch AG

Education: Sate approved foreign language secretary
(English, French, Spanish)

Abitur (High School Certificate)

Daughter Vanessa