The Work

What most people fascinates about »The Work« is the incredible effect that it can have on our lives in this simplicity.

People who do »The Work« commonly find clarity and peace around the topics they have worked. The method of »The Work« is a way for the the »how-to«. When you do »The Work« as an ongoing practise, you can expand awareness and sharpen your sense of reality. »The Work« is also way of bringing heart and mind together through answering the questions.
People, who do »The Work« as an ongoing practice say they’re free from various fears, panic attacks, addictions etc. »The Work« enhances awareness and compassion.
People, who do »The Work« leave their victimhood and start to own the issues of their lives. In doing »The Work« you are clearly shown, what you can do for yourself and others instead of expecting others to fulfill you and your needs. This makes you independent and easy to be with.
»The Work« is a sort of meditation. It is quite a mental Yoga and supports your mental fitness fitness and health.

»The Work« can be applied in any area of your life –  where there is an apparent issue:

  • In any kind of relationships
  • At work (e. g. co-workers, employees, customer relations, co-operations etc.)
  • Any kind of fear (e. g. social fears, fears of flight, fear of loss, fear of future, panic attacs, traumas etc.)
  • Depressionen
  • Addictions
  • Health issues, diseases etc.
  • Grief, death
  • etc.

»The Work« can as well be applied for becoming more aware or to train and maintain your mental fitness.

»The Work« is questioning stressful thoughts in any kind of life situation. Stress can range from a slight irritation to deep emotional distress and insecurity. By looking at your situation using the four questions and applying the turnarounds you can find new groundbreaking insights. Answering these four questions leads to new realizing new aspects, which you wouldn’t normally discover through your past way of thinking. The turnarounds to the various opposite serve as a deepening and at the same time as an expansion of the gained insights, because you are now able to look at the situation from a very different perspective.

Here are the 4 questions:
1. Is it true?
2. Can you absolutely know, that it’s true?
3. How do you react and what happens, if you believe this thought?
4. Who would you be without this thought?

Then do the turnaround…
1. …to the self
2. …to the other
3. …to the opposite

The practical solutions are shown through answering the questions and finding the turnarounds for every statement on the Judge-your-neighbor-worksheet.

»The Work« is not coaching in the conventional sense. Usually coaching is basically suggesting solutions and offering advice. That is exactly not »The Work«. By »The Work« philosophy it is understood that everyone has their own knowledge and wisdom and is just not aware of it. Through answering the questions you find your own solutions which you can live in an authentic and sustained way.

»The Work« is not about denying reality. It doesn’t condone violence. »The Work« is not therapy and cannot replace any kind therapy. »The Work« is not about proving someone right or wrong, guilty or not etc. »The Work« is no religion or cult and it doesn’t support no religious denomination. If God is mentioned in the context of »The Work« what is meant is actually reality – that, what is.
»The Work« in its most basic form consists of 4 open questions and turnarounds.

“The thought isn’t the problem, but believing it is.”


Work with me

Stress is an uncomfortable feeling and ranges from slight irritation to deep emotional pain. Stress is created by believing and/or by identifying with a stressful thought. There are situations, where it is difficult to find your way out on your own. But it is even more difficult to successfully turn around an uncomfortable nagging feeling into a benefit. With »The Work« this is easily and quickly possible. Therefore I am happy to support you with single Work sessions as well as regular long-term facilitations.

Mindful Workout

We clean and care for our bodies and we train our muscles regularly. But how do we get to inner strength and a beneficial way of dealing with stress? How do we find solutions and ways in situations that appear as hopeless?

“If a thought is stressful question it.”


The Process

In »The Work sessions« we identify the stressful beliefs using a specific situation.

Then we gently question the stressful moment.
After that we turn the belief around and take a look at the various opposites.
Through finding genuine examples we deepen the insights.
New possibilities open up.

With further questions we find solutions for the exact »how«.

This way of approaching stress has been proven in numerous sessions with people all over the world.
This is also how my work out works.

My offer for you

Single session

105 €

per session
+ money transfer fees

5 session package

95 €/hour

= 475 € (save 10 %)
+ money transfer fees

10 session package

75 €/hour

= 750 € (save 30 %)
+ money transfer fees

• If you are late for a session, it will be shortened accordingly.
• If you are not able to attend an arranged session, please let me know min. 24 hrs in advance or forfeit the session and fee.
• Cancellations with more than 24 hrs of prior notice can be re-scheduled.