A time just for you

The Year of You

with »The Work of Byron Katie«

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There’s nothing more exciting than peace.
(Byron Katie)

Selflove & care with »The Work of Byron Katie«

Full Year of Your

Natalie Wen, Certified Facilitator, https://thework.com/facilitators/natalie-wen/
Sandra Blersch, Certified Facilitator, https://thework.com/facilitators/sandra-blersch/

How about gifting yourself
by dedicating this journey home to you?

  • Do you wish to dedicate yourself wholeheartedly and continually throughout an extended period of time to turn around your life
  • Is it your desire to find a secure and loving space for change to take place?
  • Are you looking for a continued and safe space to explore your most important issues and challenges in life?
  • Are you looking for support of like-minded people who are walking this path with you

Sign up now.

Time dedicated to you!

A Journey to You

Sign up & you will receive: 

  • 24x online sessions (Zoom) à 90 minutes
  • Monthly pair-up partners for ongoing inquiry practices
  • Consistent and familiar connection, guidance & support from a closed small group of like-minded companions in a safe and familiar environment.
  • A private online space to share experiences and revelations
  • Continued inspirations as needed

In addition you will get the following: 

  • 2x one-on-one facilitations with each trainer
  • 10x additional free-of-charge open sessions e. g. to practice inquiry, Q&A, connecting etc.
  • 10 % discount on any course offered by the Natalie & Sandra team in 2023 and 2024 except for courses directly offered by ITW.
  • 20 % discount on additional one-on-one facilitations with trainers throughout 2023.

A Journey to You

This consistent setting is lovingly designed to support and hold you to the beautiful you. The beauty lies in that we are walking together on this path with equally devoted friends in a surrounding with experienced trainers.

Anyone with an open mind can do it.

Space is limited. We welcome up to 16 participants.

A Journey to You

Topic structure: 

 January 2023 
Discovering building blocks of my family
The roots of our beliefs part I

 February 2023
What’s withholding peace with family
The roots of our belief part II

 March 2023
How to listen and speaking fearlessly
Honest communication & integrity

 April 2023
How to tap into self awareness & find trust
Love, approval & appreciation

 May 2023
How to listen and speaking fearlessly
Honest communication & integrity

 June 2023
How to care for my body, my companion
Body, beauty & health

 July 2023
Finding a way from deep down
Shame & guilt (addiction & abuse)

 August 2023
How to allow, release & make it right
Forgiveness/making amends

 September 2023
Money as guru

 October 2023
Finding my way to my job
Job & work

 November 2023
What stops me?
Unfinished business

 December 2023
Unwrap the gift of you
A celebration of you

A Journey to You

»The Work« techniques & essentials: 

In this year you can learn how to combine »The Work« techniques & essentials with the everyday topics of our lives, such as e. g. the following:

  • What to consider when filling out a JYN and how this can help better support your inquiry
  • Applying the principles of facilitation & respecting clients rights
  • How to do and live the turnarounds
  • How to find the living turnarounds
  • The prescriptions for your happiness
  • How to deal with difficult inquiry situations
  • Ways to give and receive feedback
  • Practicing facilitations
  • Exploring various subquestions & prompts

Since 2018 we offer courses for candidates at the BKI certification program at the Institute for The Work of Byron Katie.
You are guided by a well-attuned team of Certified Facilitators and surrounded by a like-minded, consistent group of people, who are committed to question what causes stress in their lives.

Natalie Wen, Certified Facilitator, https://thework.com/facilitators/natalie-wen/
Sandra Blersch, Certified Facilitator, https://thework.com/facilitators/sandra-blersch/

Just keep coming home to yourself.
You’re the one you’ve been waiting for.
(Byron Katie)

A journey to you

Pre-requisites & requirements: 

  • Time:
    • monthly: 2x 1/2 hrs. for the online sessions on every 1st + 3rd Wednesdays of the month
    • weekly: 2 hrs. for meetings with your work partner
    • monthly: 1 hr. for the free open sessions on the 4th Wednesday of the month
  • Equipment
    • Computer / notebook / tablet / mobile & earphones
    • Internet

A journey to you


Early bird advance payment for 12 month program until December 23, 2022
US $ 2,430.00

12 month program tuition payed from December 24, 2022 (PST-time)
US $2,700.00

Early bird advance payment for 6 month program until December 23, 2022
US 1,260.00

6 month program tuition payed from December 24, 2022 (PST-time)
US $ 1,440.00

Down payment & application fee:
US$ 540.00 payable until December 23, 2022

Contact us for installments!

(Event responsibility: Natalie Wen)

Friends’ Special:
If two friends sign up together, each enjoys a discount of $ 120 for the 12 month program, or $50 for the 6 month program.

*Includes one 1-on-1 with each trainer, a total of two during the three month program option.

Everything, that happens, happens for you, not to you.
You don’t have to like it. It’s just easier if you do.
     (Byron Katie)


I am in tears how beautiful you are holding the participants. I am deeply touched how much your experience of having done The Work is coming through by sharing and questioning the participants.  Kindness and Generosity was the flavor I am taking with me.


I am so happy and grateful, because this course was the best of all of them!! Because of you two as our trainers! In no ecourse I had experienced such very dedicated, experienced and loving trainers, who go with us through this material using it and deepening your own understanding, and sharing it with us. I felt both challenged and held lovingly.


The trainers were very well prepared, well organized, and worked well together. They were very helpful and offered support with every question or problem. Natalie’s verbal pattern is very clear with great enunciation and pauses. Sandra was also clear and very responsive.

previous course participant

Excellent trainers, kept process moving, time for questions, listened, compassionate, part of group not above us. I experienced them as dedicated, open, available, honest, pleasant, and trustworthy.

course participant