The irony is that the struggle to win love and approval makes it very difficult to experience them2021-01-31T17:48:31+01:00
I love and that’s it2020-10-27T16:12:01+01:00
If I speak out of the love and understanding in myself, I’ll never hurt anyone2020-10-14T14:57:54+02:00
It is very exciting not to be dependent on the one that you love2020-09-29T17:10:33+02:00
Inquiry is love making2020-09-20T20:57:25+02:00
When I’m needing someone’s love it can get really ugly2020-09-06T12:48:16+02:00
If I need Stephen’s love, was würde in mir da fehlen2020-09-06T12:27:24+02:00
I looked the monster in the eye and found a child wanting love.2020-08-09T17:53:57+02:00
Love is the only fearless state of mind2020-08-09T16:48:22+02:00
Love is what we are2020-08-02T19:41:34+02:00
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