in itself, life is effortless2020-12-19T20:14:00+01:00
Your unquestioned thoughts about life lead you to believe that there’s something out of order2020-12-19T19:05:02+01:00
The thoughts are supposed to come back2020-12-09T13:53:15+01:00
If you question your thinking, negativity naturally disappears2020-11-30T20:23:24+01:00
If someone leaves me I give them roller skates2020-11-02T18:39:56+01:00
Once we begin to question our thoughts2020-09-06T13:11:36+02:00
There is not thought or situation that you can’t put up against inquiry2020-09-06T13:01:10+02:00
A thought is harmless unless we believe it2020-09-06T12:08:52+02:00
Your family is an echo of your own past beliefs2020-09-06T12:06:22+02:00
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