Not to know doesn‘t mean we‘re stupid. It just leaves room for wisdom2021-02-03T06:18:41+01:00
The irony is that the struggle to win love and approval makes it very difficult to experience them2021-01-31T17:48:31+01:00
Just keep coming home to yourself2021-01-29T22:00:33+01:00
Do you love the gift of you yet2020-12-25T20:15:47+01:00
Give the gift that everyone loves2020-12-22T20:33:56+01:00
Home is on the inside2020-12-22T20:14:13+01:00
in itself, life is effortless2020-12-19T20:14:00+01:00
Your unquestioned thoughts about life lead you to believe that there’s something out of order2020-12-19T19:05:02+01:00
You can’t change the projected world, but you can change mind, the projector2020-12-17T20:39:58+01:00
It makes life extremely difficult2020-12-14T14:31:33+01:00


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